Gorgeous Indoor Gardening Tools Refine the Process of Raising Greenery

 - Jan 27, 2015
References: store.mjolk & azuremagazine
The development of these elegant indoor gardening tools underlines that the practice of flower pot tending is a great deal less messy than the outdoor alternative. This positively polished collection of greenery-growing implements enhances the sophisticated quality of casual cultivation.

Norway's Anderssen & Voll approached the Mjölk shop of Toronto to create a charming collection for tabletop gardening. Sourcing talented artisans from throughout the Canadian city, the store owners were able to bring together a golden metallic watering can with a warm wooden handle, blown glass water bulbs, and ceramic planters with open lips at the bottoms to enable direct root watering and draining. The Indoor Gardening tools project meets a demand for deluxe utensils and vessels that welcome attention as much as do the herbs that they support.