La Bottega Trattoria is an Elegant Casual Italian Restaurant in Geneva

 - Jul 27, 2015
La Bottega Trattoria is a stylish Geneva restaurant fusing elegant minimalism and classic Italian cooking. Designed by Sestini & Corti, the eatery features a potted plant on each table and stunning natural materials that give the establishment charm.

The elegant Geneva eatery is characterized by a vintage 60's-era map that hangs on the white brick walls, black Milano chairs and parquet flooring made from recovered boards of limed wood. La Bottega Trattoria also boasts stunningly simple light fixtures that use flat metal lampshades that hang from the ceiling.

Despite its intricate and design-focused interior, the space creates an atmosphere that leaves room for the food to shine. With bright windows that illuminate the white brick walls, La Bottega Trattoria is a must-see for anyone in Geneva.