This Nagoya Restaurant is Inspired by the Culture of Northeastern Spain

 - Sep 15, 2015
This Nagoya restaurant is an intimate experience inspired by the Catalan culture of northeastern Spain. Designed by Nakagawa Design Office, Xató Restaurant succeeds in creating an atmosphere that feels straight out of Europe, instantly transporting guests as they enter.

Specializing in dry aged steaks, Xató is characterized by the lush greenery that is dispersed around the space and the exposed wooden beams that form much of the interior structure. The atmosphere is cultivated with moody, romantic lighting comprised of only a handful of light fixtures extending from the blank concrete walls and candlelit tables.

The Nagoya restaurant is a unique highlight in the Japanese city known for its rich cultural history. Other unique retail concepts located in Nagoya include the Ki Se Tsu salon, which champions a contemporary industrial design style.