The Gift Shop by Red Bull is a Sensory Hub for Co-Creation

In an experiential marketing stunt, Red Bull Studios NY created The Gift Shop, truly showing off the same fearless spirit of those who consume its energy drinks. Set up as a team effort with Alldayeveryday, The Gift Shop reimagines the tired museum store concept and what it means to curate goods for public consumption. The multifaceted project space draws in artists, musicians and more, encouraging them to create, collaborate and of course, get an energetic boost from a beverage while they're there.

The sensory experience features a radio booth, recording studio, performances stages, lecture rooms and exhibition spaces. In terms of retail, merchandise is exclusive and created in partnership with emerging artists and brands from around the world, which means that products have the ability to be customized and continually rotated. This experimental shop could be indicative of what it means to create and consume in the future.