This UK Company Wants to Deliver Parcels Using Automated Tunnels

 - Apr 17, 2015
References: molesolutions & gizmag
You've heard of drones being used to carry out parcel delivery, but how about automated underground tunnels? This is going to become a reality if British firm Mole Solutions has its way. The company is developing small robotic trains that would run on underground tracks to manage deliveries. The project has received funding from the British government.

This parcel delivery system would use the maglev (magnetic levitation) system used by Japan's famously fast Shinkansen train. Maglev systems use the natural repelling forces of electromagnets to keep the carriage hovering just above the track, therefore reducing friction and boosting speed.

This system would represent a boon for supply and delivery companies like DHL and UPS, as they would be able to leverage them to get packages to customers quickly and for less cost.