From Cannabis Merchandising Firms to Artisan Yogurt Boutiques

 - May 30, 2015
The May 2015 new ventures demonstrate what is new in entrepreneurship and startup companies. This includes unique and unusual business ideas, new partnerships and success stories.

Following 4/20 at the end of April, many enterprising folks decided to capitalize on the marijuana-fueled holiday celebrating Bob Marley's birthday. This can be seen with specially branded product inspired by the late reggae icon. Rebranding medical marijuana and elegantly designed dispensaries are other tactics beyond simple sales increases at venues like Taco Bell or having an optimally timed charity bake sale.

In the food industry, hybrid items that are both savory and sweet are immensely popular. It makes sense that this would now carry over to mashup restaurants and combination cafes that incorporate recording studios, barber shops and a love of cats.

To make things more streamlined for entrepreneurs, May 2015 new ventures ideas also reflect an influx of tools and platforms.