'brellaBox is the World's First Rental Service for Sharing Umbrellas

 - Jun 7, 2015
References: brellaboxnyc & kickstarter
'brellaBox is a special service designed to offer urban dwellers a cheap and eco-friendly way of sharing umbrellas. According to the company, "Every year the world throws away enough umbrellas to build 25 Eiffel Towers." With so much waste coming from umbrellas alone, 'brellaBox developed a community-based way of combating the problem.

Beginning with New York City, the umbrella sharing service will be put in motion through the installment of hundreds of green 'brellaBoxes. Each business that receives a 'brellaBox will also receive a sticker to put in their window, which will signal to patrons that they have one of the boxes inside. Users can then come in and rent a high-quality umbrella whenever they need it. Each umbrella is tagged with an RFID chip that will track the umbrella and charge the user accordingly. Users can then return the umbrella to any 'brellaBox once they are finished using it, thus creating an affordable and environmentally friendly option for sharing umbrellas in an urban setting.