DUFL Cleans Clothes, Packs and Ships a Traveler's Suitcase

 - May 2, 2015
References: dufl
Packing, carting around luggage and waiting at baggage claim seem like essential parts of any travel experience, but DUFL is a handling service that will handle all of these things for you.

To start, DUFL has you download the app and register an account. From there, DUFL sends its new users a large suitcase to fill with clothing that they typically wear during travel. These items are then shipped back to the DUFL warehouse for cleaning, safe keeping and retrieval when needed on-demand.

When it's time to hit the road, a user selects which items of clothing they want to take with them from the in-app virtual closet. Then, a destination is specified and DUFL makes arrangements for the luggage to meet you there. At the end of a trip, this service also takes care of pick-up, cleaning and unpacking so that travelers are left with a lighter load and less time spent waiting in lines at the airport.