This Strange Pizza Features Dough Pockets with Various Unusual Fillings

 - Jul 24, 2015
References: & brandeating
Pizza Hut Japan recently unveiled a bizarre new pizza that features dough pockets filled with topping such as shrimp and sausage. Pizza Hut has produced a number of strange pizzas over the years, including a pizza with a hot dog-stuffed crust and a pizza with bite-sized burgers on it. However, Pizza Hut's latest creation combines a number of odd toppings into one dish.

The new pizza is called the 'Crazy Pocket 4' and it features various dough pockets around the crust. These dough pockets each contain a different filling, including shrimp, sausage, Camembert cheese and mozzarella cheese. Additionally, the pizza itself is topped with a number of other strange ingredients, including various seafoods, potato-mayo, margherita and a type of Korean beef called bulgogi.

If you're eager to try this unusual dish, the Crazy Pocket 4 is offered at Pizza Hut locations throughout Japan.