Rwanda's Droneport Project Will Fly Medical Supplies to Inaccessible Areas

 - Sep 19, 2015
References: architectsjournal & dezeen
With two thirds of the African population living at least a mile away from an all-season road, it's extremely important that different aid delivery methods are continuously designed and implemented. Foster and Afrotech's 'Droneport Project' is going to be piloting ways of getting urgent medical supplies to people in need across the mountainous country of Rwanda.

The project will include two different types of drones to facilitate aid delivery to hard-to-reach places. The first "Redline" of drones will deliver emergency supplies under ten kilograms, such as blood for instance. Meanwhile, the "Blueline" will carry heavier commercial-like items like electronic equipment. The ports themselves will act as a safe landing place that also house a health clinic, courier and trading hub.

Drones are being used more and more as delivery services, carrying anything from mail to pizza. However, utilizing these unmanned flying vehicles for life-saving missions is the best use they've found yet.