This Hand-Crafted Motion Platform Keeps You Constantly Engaged

 - Sep 26, 2015
References: fluidstance & blessthisstuff
The 'Level' by Fluidstance is a motion platform that is perfect for anyone who is often standing still but is also looking to stay active.

Ideal for anyone living a sedentary lifestyle or working an office job, this beautifully designed fitness tool forces anyone standing on it to constantly balance themselves as well. By encouraging users to balance and adjust from the movement below their feet, this motion board promotes a more active lifestyle for your body.

Spending a small amount of time on this motion board engages the user's entire body, and helps to boost a person's heart rate and stimulate both their joints and muscles as well. Made from either bamboo, natural maple or a walnut finish and covered in an aluminium frame, the 'Level' is a sleekly designed fitness tool that helps promote a more active lifestyle in a simple and easy way.