Camp Kitigin is an Adult Camp That Makes Grown-Ups Feel Like Kids Again

Camp Kitigin is an adult camp that takes place in Michigan for people over the age of 21. While this might sound like a haven for Millennials who are looking for a piece of the great outdoors, there's one big catch—the entire event is screen-free. Rather than being bogged down by phones, tablets, laptops and other distracting digital devices, campers will instead have their hands full with canoe paddles, arts and craft supplies, as well as fishing rods and more. Although there is structure to the camp, it's noted that campers are able to partake in only what they would enjoy, so that the experience is the most relaxing for them.

As well as being a great experience to get away from daily life and feel like a kid again, the camp provides a way to connect with nature and bond face-to-face with other adult campers. Camp Kitigin even reports that many campers want to stay in touch after spending so much time together.