Walgreens Wades into the Sharing Economy Application TaskRabbit

 - Sep 10, 2015
References: mashable
In a curious convergence of big business and the sharing economy, American pharmacy chain Walgreens recently partnered with TaskRabbit, a platform that outsources everyday errands. The unique partnership will see the delivery of over-the-counter drugs from Walgreens in the 19 cities in which TaskRabbit is currently operating.

In this case, the customer would pay the TaskRabbit runner's fees as well as 20% for using the application. Interested individuals can download the TaskRabbit app at Walgreens' website and can then schedule deliveries in-app.

This highly useful and convenient collaboration is a great example of established brands using existing sharing companies to add value to their own customer experience. A useful and forward-thinking solution to serving customers when they need it most, the Walgreens and TaskRabbit partnership is sure to inspire others just like it.