Hachitokuya Genmainyu is Produced on Japan's Ishigaki City

 - Sep 10, 2015
References: packagingoftheworld
Hachitokuya Genmainyu is a Japanese brand of brown rice milk that boasts an intricate, charismatic packaging design scheme. Bottled and sold in bottles that recall images of dairy straight from the farm, the design features a whimsical logo that feels both artisan-inspired and specific to the region where the product is cultivated.

Brown rice milk is a popular health drink in Japan, and the Hachitokuya Genmainyu brand's main product offering was one of ten consumer packaged goods chosen for the USIO Design Project. The USIO Design Project aims to put the world spotlight on Ishigaki Island, where Hachitokuya Genmainyu's brown rice milk is produced.

This dynamic example of regional packaging makes the most of its culture origins by expressing this identity in its overall design.