Allergan's Chronic Migraine Ads Show Sufferers Coming Out Strong

 - Sep 11, 2015
References: mychronicmigraine & coloribus
Pulsating headache pain, nausea and a sensitivity to light and sound are some of the symptoms of having a chronic migraine. While all of these things can certainly interfere with a person's ability to carry on daily tasks, these ads from pharmaceutical company Allergan show that migraines don't have to take over an individual's life.

The print ads realize some of the emotions felt by those who suffer from chronic migraines, including being derailed, flattened or trampled by the disease. Rather than being left defeated, the women depicted in each of the ads is triumphant, suggesting a strong, healthy physical and mental state.

The chronic migraine campaign posters from Allergan direct people to a microsite, which reveals some of the common triggers and best treatments for headaches, migraines and chronic migraines.