Zespri and Morning Gloryville's Party Blends Fitness and Fresh Fruits

In order to inspire the public to wake up with zest and energy, fruit brand Zespri launched Zespri Golden Mornings in collaboration with Morning Gloryville.

Morning Gloryville is known for its pre-work parties and is now lending its ability to drum up energy early in the morning to Southeast Asia. In Singapore, the public can register for free to attend energizing dance raves, sunrise yoga sessions and CruCycle spin classes. Although early mornings can be rough, the event is infused with fun—for instance, the spin classes are led by a Kiwi mascot.

After working up a sweat with physical activities, participants can refuel with fruit juice and healthy raw foods that are freshly made by chef Sandra Lee. Additionally, there are also Kooze juice bottles and kiwi giveaways during the morning party event.