This Eye Examination Kit is Compatible with Smartphone Technology

 - Sep 11, 2015
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'Peek' is a UK-based company that developed a portable eye examination kit that medical professionals can use in the field. In many parts of the world, smartphones are easier to get hold of than clean drinking water. The widespread availability of mobile devices means that smartphones can serve as an excellent tool for physicians.

'Peek Retina' is a portable eye examination kit that is compatible with smartphone technology. The device helps physicians carry out comprehensive eye exams by allowing them to take retinal images from their smartphone. The tiny lens works in conjunction with the Peek app to provide detailed images of an individual's eye. The images can then be used to diagnose issues such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and early signs of glaucoma. The device is non-invasive and suitable for using on adults or children.

The handy medical device makes it easier for physicians to make a diagnosis in rural and impoverished areas.