This Infographic Analyses the Top Eight Organizational Body Stresses

 - Sep 22, 2015
References: onlinemphtoday &
The Online MPH Today recently collected data done in over 70 studies to test out how workplace stress can be harmful to the body and mental health. The results are visually displayed in 'The Effects of Work Stress on Your Body' infographic that analyzes stress causes, triggers and the overall harmful effects they can have on the human body.

The infographic is a detailed read that covers the most common causes of stress such as role conflict, workload, long work hours and several others. From there the infographic moves into ways stress harms the body such as constant headaches, gastrointestinal issues and the like.

This is an ideal read for anyone that often finds the stresses of their job are disrupting their body's performance. Understanding the source of the problem is one way that can help workers find targeted solutions to reducing their stress.