This Animal Head Art Narrates the Relationship Between Man and Beast

 - Sep 14, 2015
References: wookjae.squarespace & trendland
Wookjae Maeng is a South Korean artist that had influential experiences growing up visiting North America's wild animals, inspiring him to design this animal head art series years later.

The collection includes various taxidermy-like sculptures that remind the viewer of the abuse that occurs in illegal hunting for the material possessions of things like wall art. Among them is a deer head, a rabbit and a rhinoceros -- animals that are often treasured not as living creatures but for their respectable antlers, fur and horns. The sculptures are attached to wooden crests that hang on the wall, mimicking real taxidermy.

The animal head art collection symbolizes the relationship between man and animal and acts as a commentary on humans' effects on the environment. While animal artwork is not new or unique, the forms in which Wookjae presents the animals serve as a poignant reminder of humankind's responsibility to other creatures.