This Greenpeace Campaign Shows the Impact of Industry on Natural Wildlife

 - Sep 24, 2015
References: adeevee & designtaxi
This Greenpeace campaign features striking ads that highlight the devastating impact that climate change and the industrial industry can have on local wildlife.

Created by Chinese ad agency Publicis Shanghai, this Greenpeace campaign is made to almost resemble a vidid 3D diorama model. Each model features miniature factories emitting smoke in both a cold arctic and pristine mountain backdrop. The most impactful element of this unique ad campaign however are the depictions of animals made to be larger than life.

Both a grizzly bear and a walrus with its cub are impaled with pipes drilling into the ground for natural resources. Screaming out in pain, the bloody image instantly leaves a lasting impression on the viewer and hopefully accomplishes the goal of making people think a little closer about society's impact upon natural wildlife.