Birds Eye's Frozen Billboard Urges Freezer Use to Reduce Food Waste

 - Apr 10, 2015
References: birdseye & prexamples
In order to show that freezer use helps consumers save money and the environment, Birds Eye set up a frozen billboard in Southbank, London.

The icy billboard is part of the iFreeze iSave campaign, which has reminds consumers to make the most of the space in their freezers to reduce food waste with a message to "Waste Less, Save More, Go Frozen." As a brand known for products like frozen fish fingers, it's fitting that Birds Eye decided to sculpt a fish from the 20' block of ice. To make this sculpture even more intriguing, the inside of the ice blocks contains £700 in notes and coins, representing the amount of money that the average household ends up throwing away due to food waste.

As the weather got warmer and the billboard melted, people were able to come by and grab some of the exposed cash.