Kit Kat's Responsive Bus Stop Ads Massage People When Leaned On

 - Oct 29, 2015
References: adweek
J. Walter Thompson and Mindshare ad agencies partnered with Kit Kat to imagine and install interactive bus stop ads that would not only simulate interest visually but also in a tactile way.

The reactive billboards had sensors and machines within that vibrated when leaned on. 20 of such ads were set up around Bogota, the capital of Columbia. People simply leaned on the billboard and the little motors inside would vibrate on their upper and lower backs.

The publicity stunt generated more interest and integrated nicely with the brand's "Have a Break" slogan. By giving people waiting for the bus a chance to relax and have a quick rub, the interactive camopaign generated interest and appreciation around the chocolate brand. In order to make the massaging bus stop ads easy to find, each one was geolocated with Google, Twitter and Facebook.