These Ads Use Dominoes to Raise Awareness of the Rapid Spread of Cancer

 - Jul 16, 2015
References: adsoftheworld & designtaxi
Filadélfia Comunicação created these cancer ads to raise awareness of how quickly cancer can spread. The domino effect is presented within these printed ads that convey this message to viewers.

The cancer ads show a set of dominoes that are intricately placed to form the shapes of a stomach, a pair of lungs and a uterus. The ads are printed on still posters and billboards but each viewer can imagine one domino being gently pushed to create a chain reaction. The goal for these ads is to increase awareness of the raid spread of cancer and encourage people to take precaution as well as be proactive when it comes to getting regularly checked for cancer.

Bluntly displaying the domino effect to mass audiences can hopefully reduce the spread of cancer.