Iles by Stefano Gaggero Can Be Reconfigured According to Requirement

The average home with only a few rooms definitely benefits from versatile furniture. Objects like Iles by Stefano Gaggero enable you to make a lounge out of an office, or a bedroom out of a living room. The great thing about this Arcade product is that it doesn't even require much space.

The way that you'd probably keep Iles the majority of the time is as a bench. A row of spindles and a top rail form a supportive backrest, while a pair of thin mattress pads make great cushions. If you want to turn Iles into a single bed, simply detach the backrest and reinsert it across the shorter end, making it a backboard. The lounger can also become a larger pullout sleeping surface by adding more base planks and additional feet beneath it.

Photo Credits: Unici