The Nuzzles Warming Hut is an Interactive and Toasty Rink-Side Chair

 - Dec 18, 2013
References: rawdesign &
The Nuzzles Warming Hut was an entry into a competition for an outdoor shelter, and it demonstrates an approach to design and form that diverges from that of the other projects. Instead of creating a roofed refuge, Raw Design Inc. chose to make an object that can be sat upon rather than inside.

The core of the sea anemone seat is a metal frame that takes the sturdy shape of a geodesic dome. It's within this that still air is trapped and can be kept at an increased temperature compared to its surroundings. From here, foam tentacles are fixed in thick bunches to flop up and outwards flexibly. People are encouraged to part and play with the bristles of the Nuzzles Warming Hut, creating nooks for reposing during breaks on the skating rink.