Dominos Now Delivers Pizza by Plane to Small Caribbean Islands

 - Aug 18, 2015
References: mashable
Small islands in the Caribbean like Sabo and St. Eustatius are ecstatic about Dominos' latest service that delivers pizza by plane. This may sound like an extreme feat to pull off but Dominos is taking advantage of flights that already travel to the islands from St. Maarten. Incredibly, the service will only cost islanders $2.75 more than if they were walking right into the pizza shop.

The person placing the order must simply pick a time that one of the flights arrives and Dominos will make sure to bake the pizzas right beforehand. There's no need to worry about the pizza getting cold as the plane rides are only about 15-20 minutes, less time than it takes for regular delivery pizza on mainland.

Islanders are clearly grateful that Dominos delivers their delicious products via plane as they are already placing several requests a day. With this new service, an entire new market of flight-delivered products opens up for small islands like these in the future.