From Marijuana Delivery Drones to Chocolatey Cannabis Oils

 - Dec 13, 2015
The abundance of gift ideas for cannabis enthusiasts reflects the recent political and social acceptance surrounding its use. As more states continue to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, an influx of products, devices and services have been introduced to make its access easier.

Marijuana delivery service 'Trees Delivery' is a San Francisco-based business that aims to provide users with their fix from up high -- via drones. Apart from recreational use, the health and wellness realm has also been slowly integrating cannabis products.The Mint Chocolate MTC Oil by Charlotte's Web Botanicals infuses MTC oil with hemp extracts, chocolate and mint flavor to offer an all-natural oil to sooth the body. Apart from these recent innovations, an abundance of cannabis subscription services are also available for increased convenience.

With Christmas just around the corner, choose one of these marijuana-infused innovations for the cannabis enthusiasts in your life.