This Chevrolet Ad Explores the Facebook Emojis with 'From Like to Love'

 - Mar 1, 2016
References: wersm
In response to the new Reaction Emojis on Facebook, Chevrolet created a new video on the theme of 'From Like to Love.'

This video cleverly addresses the new set of reaction buttons, particularly how a "like" is applied to everything as remarkable as new babies being born and birthdays to uncomfortable moments that we can all identify with. Chevrolet even goes as far to say: "we have become a society of 'Likers.'"

Now, with the introduction of the "love" button, Chevrolet is urging people to choose to express a little more sentiment towards the brand. Whether it's a new filter on Instagram or a feature on Twitter, there are plenty of clever marketing ideas like this one that speak to Millennials by making the most of updates to social media.