Artist David Olenick's Illutrations Depict Foods if They Could Talk

 - May 29, 2014
References: davidolenick & foodiggity
Graphic illustrator and artist David Olenick's playful cartoon illustrations showcase what food items would say to you if they could talk. The brutally honest tone to these images make them a comical read.

Olenick's comical food prints feature personified food cartoons with adorable eyes and sassy personalities. Each image cleverly takes a popular junk food item and juxtaposes it with a boisterous remark that, hypothetically, the food would say to entice you to eat it. For example, the coffee image depicts an adorable blue smiling mug that whispers, "I own you" because it knows you can't get through your day without a cup of coffee. Another funny print features a tub of smiling peanut butter holding a bouquet of flowers with the caption, "peanut butter is my boyfriend."