Rui Pinho Creates Celebrity Icon Eyes as Cartoons

These celebrity icons have been transformed by Rui Pinho. These photos show the iconic celebrity's cartoon doppleganger. Portuguese artist Rui Pinho spent lots of time on this project creating addictive and hilarious photos collages.

Each piece of work is paired with an iconic celebrity. You have Jacques Cousteau and Amy Winehouse as their cartoon counterpart. Rui then matches up the black and white photos with a colorful cartoon. You will be surprised at how incredible the photos blend. The combinations are pretty accurate and should offer a good giggle. My personal favorite is the Marilyn Monroe portrait.

The most unlikely combination would have to be Michael Jackson and Simba. These trippy photos are sure to offer you delight and intrigue. It takes a lot of thought to find the perfect pair and he seems to have done it flawlessly.