Artist Dave Rappoccio Reworked the NFL Team's Images into Hipster Logos

Artist David Rappoccio has redesigned every NFL brand as a different kind of hipster logo with hilarious captions.

This idea is genius -- combining football culture and design with hipster culture was pretty unexpected. The Bengals' logo has shutter shades and a Fedora and the Seahawks logo is literally just the Starbucks logo.

The subtle jabs are what make this project so funny, but even more than that are the captions that accompany each photo. One example would be the caption for the Baltimore Ravens logo which reads: "I came to Baltimore for some real grit, also because my girlfriend dumped me and I was homeless. She kept asking for me back but I said no way, time to set out on my own and find B-More's sweet underground hip hop scene. I don’t like hip hop, but that doesn't matter."

If that's not infuriating while also being insanely hilarious, I don't know what is.