Steve Venegas Captures Himself in the Same Outfit as Mannequins

‘The Gap Mannequin Project’ is a Tumblr blog that captures a series of moments where Steve Venegas is dressed in the exact same outfit as a mannequin from The Gap. Usually, there’s nothing worse than exchanging an awkward glance with someone in the realization that you’re both wearing the exact same thing—but thankfully none of these mannequins have heads, let alone eyes.

For the project, Venegas matches the mannequins to a tee, paying attention to the way the clothes are styled, layered and in some cases, the way that the mannequins are posed.

Steve Venegas describes that for his project: "I try on clothes and have my photo taken because it's funny to dress like a dummy." Although there’s nothing unusual about the outfits themselves, the captures of the twin outfits are quite humorous.