This Mountain Lodge Lets You See Things from a Variety of Views

For those who have used a mountain lodge before, they know that it can be one of the most cozy places on Earth. After being out in the cold snow all day, being able to come in to a warm, well-lit lodge and relax is one of the more luxurious feelings one could imagine. This lodge provides all the comforts of your regular lodge with the added benefit of a multitude of views.

This Norwegian mountain lodge by Reiulf Ramstad has multiple rooms with varying purposes such as distinct living and dining rooms but also a variety of other rooms. There is a youth lounge and a mezzanine room for children as well to give the little ones something to do when they're not out on the slopes. The big thing though is the multiple rooms facing off in different directions. This idea gives lodge users the option to experience the mountain from different perspectives.
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