This Godzilla Shochu Alchohol was Designed by Konishi Breawing Company

 - Jul 1, 2014
References: & en.rocketnews24
Japanese Konishi Brewing Company created this customized shochu alcohol bottle in honor of Godzilla's 55th anniversary. The bottle is designed to look just like a toy version of the havoc-wrecking monster.

Shochu is a famous type of distilled Japanese liquor that is similar to sake. In celebration of Godzilla's 55th anniversary and recent cinematic success, Konishi Brewing Company decided to redesign the brand's iconic Choujugura shochu bottle into a porcelain figurine of the mutant monster. While the bottle seemingly looks like a toy a child would play with, this Godzilla is full of booze. The Godzilla head is actually a twist off bottle cap that protects the shochu liquor hiding inside the monster's belly. Allegedly, Konishi Brewing Company took roughly five years to plan and make this Godzilla booze bottle.