These Soy Wax Candles Have Unusual Scents Inspired by Daily Life

 - Jan 8, 2015
References: cargocollective & thedieline
Daily Affections is an unusual line of soy wax candles that plays off of some of the world's most unexpected scents. With scents designed to emulate rather ordinary items with unmistakable scents like stinky cheese, freshly cut grass, tape, a wet road and plastic toys, designer Albert J. Son describes these fragrant candles as "Odd but attractive."

Packaging for the soy candles makes each of the scents very apparent. For example, the plastic toy candle is wrapped in a pattern that emulates toy blocks, while cut grass takes on an abstract geometric green pattern that resembles sharply cut blades from a lawn. In addition to the novel packaging on Daily Affections, these unusual scents would make fantastically unexpected gifts to give, especially for someone who really loves burning candles on the regular.