This Unusual Face Pillow Lets Flyers Sleep Without Having to Recline

 - Oct 29, 2015
References: amzn & 7gadgets
The Little Cloud Nine pillow is a face pillow that lets weary travelers sleep without having to bother their neighbors by reclining their seat.

The unusual face pillow resembles a large, inflatable tower that sits in the airplane or car sleeper's lap. A surface at the top of the tower supports the sleeper's face, while pockets on the sides help rest tired hands. Because the entire contraption is inflatable, it can be blown up or release air in order to perfectly fit the user's face size and body type. It comes in two sizes: small and large, for people 5'7" or taller. The innovative face pillow can also double as a back-supporting cushion when the user is not sleeping.

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