Kamila Krawczyk Offers Detailed Crocheted Characters on Her Etsy Shop

 - Jan 5, 2017
References: etsy & fubiz.net
Kamila Krawczyk, known on Etsy as Krawka Crochet, has created a successful online business for herself by selling adorable handmade characters to consumers all over the world.

The toys vary, however the majority are recreations of beloved cartoon figures from Disney films and children's television shows. Some of the characters that are included are the three kittens from 'The Aristocats,' Lightning McQueen, Sally Carrera and Mater tow truck from 'Cars,' Boots from 'Dora the Explorer' and Thumper from 'Bambi.'

Each of Kamila Krawczyk's creations have an incredible level of detail, with the artist getting everything just right down to individual teeth, patterns on fur and the glimmer in eyes. Currently, 38 different characters can be purchased on Kamila Krawczyk's Etsy shop, making for great gifts for children or playful home accents.