The Evian Star Wars Bottle Design is Out of This World

 - Aug 28, 2012
References: rcruzniemiec.tumblr & mandybrencys
If you're a sci-fi saga junkie, the Evian Star Wars bottle designs will quench your thirst for all things geeky and collectible.

This project was created by Mandy Brencys and Diego Fonseca, who re-modeled the boring Evian branded elixir of life into a limited edition-worthy design. The tall bottles are made to look like lightsabers, and boast many other galactic features. There are four different versions, one of deathly Dark Vader, two of the dynamic duo R2D2 and CP30 and lastly one of a clone.

As depicted in their promotional prints, if these bottles were ever conceived as products of real life, you could act out your own makeshift battlefield. Imagine an army of clones behind Darth Vader against a fumbling R2D2 and CP30. I'm sure many would love to see that match-up play out.