This R2-D2 Accessory from NeatoShop Will Keep Your Drink Company

 - Feb 18, 2013
References: neatoshop
This charming little R2-D2 accessory for bottle tops is perfect for traveling along with you and your drink.

The brilliance from this bottle stopper comes from the fact that it will turn any of your drink bottles into a vessel. The R2-D2 accessory fits onto starfighters in a similar fashion and now he can be your sidekick on your next drink adventure. Except don't expect him to cut you off when you've had too many -- he's just there to look pretty.

This cork is yet another piece of Star Wars merchandise. I'm waiting for the day when Star Wars runs out of products to make. It may not be possible however, because as long as products are perpetually invented there will also be a combination available.