When You Purchase 'TWINS for Peace' You Give a Pair to a Child in Need

 - Dec 31, 2011
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A soulful shoe company with giving at its heart, TWINS for Peace is on a mission to deliver happiness to children in developing countries with every pair of kicks purchased.

Similar to the TOMS shoes model, which gives a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair purchased, TWINS for Peace gives a pair to a child in need every time its customers (TWINS Ambassadors) buy.

"At TWINS, we believe that the philosophy behind our shoes also shines through when they are worn," the Paris-based company explains. "Our philosophy is about sharing: BE COOL, BE GOOD."

Simply giving a pair of shoes is not enough, however. This company is dedicated to bringing its customers a high quality (Italian leather), fashionable, ethical (fair wages), eco-friendly (90% recyclable packaging) product from its family-owned factory in Portugal.

Each collection of TWINS for Peace shoes supports a different NGO-led Shoe Project -- and rather than simply making the second pair at the factory in Portugal, the donated pair is made in the country of the according Shoe Project. This not only allows shoemakers to tailor the shoes to the children, but also provides employment at a local level.

"After each collection, the TWINS for Peace team travels to the country of the collection's Shoe Project and directly invests all of the money raised."

Top off the social good component and high-quality fashion with rad branding and its no wonder TWINS for Peace has been able to generate a strong social media following.

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