'Groceries Apparel' Uses Textiles Like Recycled Plastic, Vintage Denim

 - Mar 14, 2012
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Groceries Apparel is a casual chic fashion line that uses certified organic materials and ethical manufacturing methods at their Los Angeles art district office where 100% of their products are made. All of their designs have a slightly worn-in appearance for an effortless look, while at the same time being environmentally-conscious and priced affordably.

"As we pioneer we remain committed to researching greener textiles and creating a significant shift in the demand for organic fabric," the Groceries Apparel Facebook page explains. "Our dream is realized by sacrificing profits in order to bridge the gap between a niche market and defining a new industry standard."

Groceries Apparel's green textiles include materials like 100% California-grown organic supima cotton, 100% non-toxic unprocessed hemp, and combinations like 50% recycled plastic with organic cotton and recycled vintage denim.

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