Autonomie Project is Fashion That Doesn't Hurt the Wallet or the Planet

 - Apr 6, 2012
References: autonomieproject & facebook
Autonomie Project is a Fair Trade fashion venture offering organic, vegan, sweatshop-free footwear, clothing and accessories that are stylish and environmentally friendly. They supply high quality items from independent collectives that don't compromise people's style or bank balance and adhere to the consumers’ ethical values.

Founded in Boston in 2007, a few good friends felt compelled to start their own business due to the lack of wearable, affordable and ethical clothing available. Furthermore, the team aspired to create positive change in the world as well as informing and educating on global issues. "We work exclusively with small, independent cooperatives and Fair Trade certified facilities located in developing areas of the world where we can also allot a portion of our funds to be used for initiatives that will affect their entire community, such as building a health clinic or bringing a steady water supply to a small village," the social business outlines on its website.

Autonomie Project tackles head on the issue of clothing produced in sweatshops worldwide. They ensure their workers are paid a fair wage, follow guidelines that encourage sustainable business practice and lead healthy lifestyles. The company assists with marketing and product design development so that they can compete in the global market.

Autonomie Project pioneered as a fashion business that complies with eco-conscious manufacturing and operational practices, resulting in minimal impact to the environment; utilizing locally sourced resources wherever possible, organic cotton, FSC rubber and encouraging processes that are vegan and cruelty-free.

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