The Pierre Hardy Cubicorama Kicks are Spectacularly Geometric

 - Dec 2, 2012
References: pierrehardy & freshnessmag
The Pierre Hardy Cubicorama sneakers are what you would expect from the geometric-loving designer. Shapes and more shapes combined with stripes and cartoon color palettes. In this case, the 3D geometry shape of the day is the cube. Two cubic boxes are positioned on a leather panel that conceal the white laces.

The hi-tops contain a white Velcro strap that matches with the outsoles, toe and leather back of the sneakers. The Pierre Hardy Cubicorama shoes are a walking optical illusion. The cubes blend into each other while popping out at you. People will look twice at your kicks as you walk by not just because of the crazy alternating stripes lining the sides. But then again, when has a Pierre Hardy shoe every failed to incite reactions?