The Le Chal Shoes Use GPS & Vibrations to Guide the Impaired

 - Mar 7, 2014
References: mensxp & gizmodo
Anirudh Sharma's 'Le Chal' shoes have been in development since 2011, but they are now really starting to take shape as wearable technology for people with vision impairments.

The shoes can be connected to a smartphone and a user is able to make voice commands to the app, specifying a destination. From there, the app plots a user's current location with GPS and either the left or right shoe will vibrate, indicating that the wearer should turn in that direction. As a walker gets closer to their destination, the vibrations also become more powerful.

The shoes also serve as pedometers and indicate how many calories have been burned during a walk. The shoes range from $40-$50 for the vision impaired and $100 for those without visual impairments.