From Ornate Violin-Shaped Heels to Fire Dragon Stilettos

 - Jan 24, 2014
For the fierce and fun ladies who are looking for some footwear to spice up their collection, a pair -- or two! -- of Kobi Levi pumps will instantly do the trick.

Shoes designed by the talented Kobi Levi are far from ordinary. Instead of just including fun patterns or wild colors in the design, the artist takes it even further by creating heels that are shaped like items or animals. For example, Kobi Levi has designed stunning and whimsy stilettos that take the form of cats, flamingos, whales, sharks and even dragons.

Further, by wearing Kobi Levi pumps, you can ensure you truly stand out at work or a party by sporting fun shoes that resemble a playground slide, notebooks or baseball.

No matter where you are, whenever you wear a pair of shoes designed by Kobi Levi, expect all eyes on you.