The Kobi Levi Rooster Heels Will Have You Crowing When the Sun Comes Up

 - Nov 18, 2012
References: kobilevidesign.blogspot
The Kobi Levi Rooster heels will have you crowing at the sun as you make your way to work.

Levi is known for his eccentric take on feminine footwear. Every shoe he creates is an art piece worth being displayed in a cubic glass case. These cockerel pumps are not as peculiar as some of the others, but still just as fun to slip on for your morning commute. They are made of leather and you'll notice when looking at the heel that it is designed to resemble a beak. If you tilt your head you will be able to see how the red comb and the pecker heel in fact form a rooster's face.

The genius behind the design of the Kobi Levi Rooster heels is bound to leave you clucking.