These Violin-Inspired Kobi Levi Shoes are for the Heel Enthusiast

These violin-shaped Kobi Levi shoes are for the outlandish girl who enjoys a great pair of creative heels. Made from luxurious brown leather, these daring pumps come with sky-high 5-inch heels.

Kobi Levi created the Violin 2013 leather heels to coincide with Italy's '8 Variations for Stradivarious' violin exhibition. These quirky heels are made with a warm brown, aged luxury leather that closely mimics the texture of wood used in many string instrument designs. Both the sole and insole of these heels contain the same warm brown leather and two mirroring F-shaped slits known on the violin as the F-holes. On the back of each black heel is a set of several long yellow strings meant to look like the playing strings of a violin. The final detail is the leather ankle straps that curl up at the back, just like the scroll tip of a violin.