From Modern Monarch Editorials to Royally Brooding Shoots

 - Dec 21, 2013
These regal menswear looks are perfectly suited for any gentleman looking to incorporate some elegantly majestic themes into their wardrobe.

When it comes to regal and royal attire, fashionistas often strive to replicate those fashion inspirations as a way to create that noble and kingly overall appearance. And while most regal apparel pieces relate to monarchs and queens, these regal menswear looks are showcasing how men of all ages can also feel like a person of royalty with a simple change in wardrobe. Perfect for anyone who enjoys dressing up and taking on different characters and costume themes, these regal menswear looks will certainly make any man feel like a royal subject.

From proud Roman captures to inflated crown accessories, these regal menswear looks will definitely add an aristocratic touch to any closet.