The Marta Torres Graduate Collection is Boyish and Bold

 - Aug 7, 2012
The Marta Torres Graduate Collection exudes an easy elegance and youthful energy. Taught by Spanish designer Ana Loking, the Technical University of Madrid alumni showcases a daring menswear line sure to rival the striking garments of her famed predecessor.

From playful patterns to fun crown accessories, Torres' collection embraces one's inner child. The young designer is unafraid to express herself, creating pieces that are spirited and vibrant and shining a light on geometry-infused prints, unconventional textile combinations and color-blocking details.

Whether displaying tailored separates, quirky onesies or weather-proof outerwear, the Marta Torres Graduate Collection marries aesthetics and function with a little something for everyone, whether they are an eclectic hipster, an over-the-top scenester or a trendy urbanite.