The Surreal Szechuan Accent Magazine Fashion Story is Opulent

Entitled 'Surreal Szechuan', this vivid fashion story for Accent Magazine is the work of visionary photographer Herson Nebaya. Working in collaboration with wardrobe stylist Argie Salango, model Dailos Ramos poses in studio while dressed in a range of culturally-themed menswear staples.

The People Management face is captured amidst a royal purple studio setting as he pulls off his layered and ethnically elegant wardrobe staples. Pairing patterned silks with textured knits with Conical wooden hat accessories, stylist Argie pays tribute to a traditionally Asian aesthetic that is remixed with a conceptual and modern twist.

The 'Surreal Szechuan' Accent Magazine editorial embodies an eccentrically elegant air and successfully marries Asian cultural traditions with the modern couture sensibilities of today.